Resolutions finally wrapped up

Here’s where Diocese of Massachusetts resolutions ended up:

Deputy Byron Rushing’s resolution, D012, on support of transgender civil rights, was adopted.

Ian Douglas’s resolutions, D019, on recommitting to the Millennium Development Goals as a mission priority, and Do18, addressing the global economic crisis, were adopted.

No action was taken on diocesan resolution C040, to amend the church calendar so that the descriptive title for the commemoration of Bernard Mizeki (June 18) reads “Zimbabwe” instead of “Rhodesia.”  This means that the resolution never made it out of committee.  Revision of Lesser Feasts and Fasts (into Holy Women, Holy Men) does address this topic, however.  (See Chris Ashley’s posts, “What’s in a name?”  and “Holy everybody.”)

No action was taken on diocesan resolutions C041 and C042 to make gender-neutral amendments to the canon on Holy Matrimony.

Diocesan resolution  C061, to amend Title III.1.2 of canon on access to the ministry discernment process to include gender identity and expression, did not receive concurrence in both houses.

Diocesan resolution C062, to add to the church calendar a trial May 17 feast day for St. Andronicus and St. Junia, was referred to a committee or commission of General Convention for further study and review before the next General Convention.

Still filed under Rejection Still Stinks:  Bishop Bud Cederholm’s resolution, B001, to amend the parochial report to include data on annual energy consumption of church properties, was rejected in the House of Deputies (see “Rejection Stinks…” here).

Resolution B012, concerning “pastoral generosity in addressing civil marriage,” submitted by Bishop Stephen Lane of Maine on behalf of bishops from the six states where civil marriage of same-gender couples is legal, including Massachusetts bishops Shaw, Cederholm and Harris, got partially subsumed into C056, which was adopted.

Our source is the summary of General Convention’s actions, now available here.


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