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Bishops share impressions, invite members to Aug. 13 hearing

With the Episcopal Church’s triennial General Convention having concluded last week, the Diocese of Massachusetts’ bishops today wrote to diocesan clergy and lay leadership to share some impressions and an invitation to an Aug. 13 hearing.  The text of the letter follows.   Continue reading


How roomy?: A Day Nine message from Bishop Cederholm

Bishop Bud Cederholm writes:  

Bishop Bud Cederholm in the House of Bishops yesterday

Bishop Bud Cederholm in the House of Bishops yesterday

“I realized these two weeks how much I feel at home in the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion.  It’s not always a comfortable home, but it is where I am loved and accepted by all.  It is the strength and gift of the Episcopal Church to be a haven and home to all people, including those we disagree with.

“During the conversations regarding blessing same-sex marriages and unions, bishops on either side spoke passionately about making room for each other when we disagree.  I go home knowing we have sincerely sought to listen to each other and sought to have our resolutions reflect that roominess.  I like that in our congregations but am heartbroken when people with different agendas do not make room and engage in power struggles (overt and covert) leading to conflict.  I go home knowing our call continues to make room for all people.  Every congregation and diocese, like every home, is charged with making sure there is generous hospitality and room for all.  How roomy does it feel in your home?  Your home congregation?  Our diocese?  Admittedly, we all have work to do in making room for all.   Continue reading

Two bishops, a covenant and a campaign

07/15/09:  Today’s General Convention Eucharist theme was care for creation, and Bishop Steven Charleston’s sermon got frequent mention throughout the day around the convention halls.  It’s available in the on demand section of the General Convention Media Hub.

Resolution C070 asks the Episcopal Church to sign on to the Genesis Covenant, committing to work to reduce greenhouse emissions from its facilities by a minimum of 50 percent within 10 years.  Bishop Charleston, former president and dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge and now assistant bishop in the Diocese of California, and Massachusetts’ Bishop Bud Cederholm sat down at the close of a long day of business to talk about the Genesis Covenant, the 350 Campaign and what they hope people of all faiths will do to join in urgent care for creation.  (This was recorded in a cavernous room.  Turn up your volume so you don’t miss a word.)

Legislative update: Still just bills

It’s Legislative Day Four at General Convention, and resolutions are starting to move through the two houses.  (The whole thing works pretty much like this, just add women serving in both houses and subtract the need for the President’s signature).

Here’s where Massachusetts resolutions stand at this moment: Continue reading

Living simply, sharing the Gospel generously: A Day Three message from Bishop Cederholm

Bishop Bud Cederholm writes:

“When I arrived on Monday, I told our shuttle driver we were from Boston and members of the Manny Ramirez Fan Club (NOT).

“Many of you know I was not a fan of having this convention and know how I agonized over holding a convention this year given the economic recession and financial challenges and priorities each of us and the church face.  My wife, Ruth Ann, and I and our grandchildren had just returned from the best Family Camp ever at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center, where children and adults experienced the theme of “Simple Living” in the midst of God’s abundance and the stewardship of God’s creation.  I carry that experience with me here, praying our church will find new ways of being church and sharing the Gospel with generosity, making sacrifices and changing the way we do things so that more resources for the Millennium Development Goals, the work of making disciples and environmental sustainability are available.   Continue reading