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More New England bishops weigh in

In his “Articles of Faith” blog on Friday, Michael Paulson updated his July 21 Boston Globe story on New England bishops’ response to General Convention’s action regarding “generous pastoral response.”


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Bishop Barbara C. Harris preaches at Integrity-sponsored Eucharist.

Bishop Barbara C. Harris preaches at Integrity-sponsored Eucharist.

07/10/09:  It’s true that there was a lot of incense in the air, but what really smoked up the Anaheim Hilton’s Pacific Ballroom at tonight’s Integrity-sponsored Eucharist was a fiery sermon preached by Bishop Barbara C. Harris, in which she declared as boldly as Peter that God has no favorites; called B033, the 2006 restraint on consecrating gay bishops, a “false peace”; made clear distinctions between the sacred and the profane, what is sacrament and what is not; and said the church should get out of the marrying business altogether and stick to administering holy blessing.  

[Morning-after update:  Bishop Harris’s sermon is now available in the on-demand video section of the General Convention Media Hub.  You kind of had to be there, so we advise lighting a fire under something while you watch.]

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“The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” (?)


07/08/09:  Bishops from the six states where civil marriage of same-gender couples is now legal are asking the General Convention for “generous discretion” that would allow clergy in affected dioceses to adapt the church’s prayerbook services “for use with all couples who seek the church’s support and God’s blessing in their marriages.”

The resolution, B012—proposed by Bishop Stephen Lane of the Diocese of Maine and cosponsored by the Diocese of Massachusetts’ three bishops, along with the bishops of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Iowa—was the focus of a full-house hearing before the Social and Urban Affairs Committee this afternoon.   Continue reading