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Bishops share impressions, invite members to Aug. 13 hearing

With the Episcopal Church’s triennial General Convention having concluded last week, the Diocese of Massachusetts’ bishops today wrote to diocesan clergy and lay leadership to share some impressions and an invitation to an Aug. 13 hearing.  The text of the letter follows.   Continue reading


House of Deputies takes three big steps

Deputies vote statement on fully inclusive ordination, reinstate funding for MDGs and send House of Bishops a $3.5-million funding request for Hispanic/Latino ministries

The House of Deputies gave decisive approval to three major measures during its Sunday afternoon legislative session, and Massachusetts people have been deeply involved in all three.

The diocese’s deputies, meeting just after the session adjourned, characterized the votes as a mandate and as a realignment of budget priorities toward mission and evangelism.

Having devoted over the course of General Convention’s first week numerous public hearings and three unusual committee-of-the-whole sessions in response to 2006’s B033 resolution on “restraint” in electing gay bishops, the House of Deputies yesterday approved resolution D025 by significant margins (77 deputations voting for and 31 against in the lay order; 74 to 35 in the clergy order).   Continue reading

“And it is pleasing in God’s eyes”: A Day Four message from Bishop Gayle E. Harris

07/11/09:  Bishop Gayle E. Harris writes:

Bishop Gayle E. Harris, who chairs the Church Pension Fund Legislative Committee, caucuses with Barton Jones (left), general counsel for Church Pension Group, and consultant Matthew Chew (right).

Bishop Gayle E. Harris, who chairs the Church Pension Fund Legislative Committee, caucuses with Barton Jones (left), general counsel for Church Pension Group, and consultant Matthew Chew (right).

“Something seemed to be missing.

“I have been present as either a deputy or bishop for General Conventions in 1991, 1997, 2000, 2003 and
 2006.  There is much work that must be done, as always, and the joy of embracing people known over the decades, from around the world and in various situations, is still wonderful.  Seeing and encountering the great diversity of people, circumstances and experiences is enriching to all.  The Episcopal Church is a rich tapestry of God’s people seeking to discern God’s mission among us.  Perhaps seeing the breadth and marvelous vitality wedded together in unity rather than in conformity is the most important aspect of the triennial. But something was missing.

“Until the opening Eucharist.   Continue reading

Legislative update: Still just bills

It’s Legislative Day Four at General Convention, and resolutions are starting to move through the two houses.  (The whole thing works pretty much like this, just add women serving in both houses and subtract the need for the President’s signature).

Here’s where Massachusetts resolutions stand at this moment: Continue reading

Living simply, sharing the Gospel generously: A Day Three message from Bishop Cederholm

Bishop Bud Cederholm writes:

“When I arrived on Monday, I told our shuttle driver we were from Boston and members of the Manny Ramirez Fan Club (NOT).

“Many of you know I was not a fan of having this convention and know how I agonized over holding a convention this year given the economic recession and financial challenges and priorities each of us and the church face.  My wife, Ruth Ann, and I and our grandchildren had just returned from the best Family Camp ever at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center, where children and adults experienced the theme of “Simple Living” in the midst of God’s abundance and the stewardship of God’s creation.  I carry that experience with me here, praying our church will find new ways of being church and sharing the Gospel with generosity, making sacrifices and changing the way we do things so that more resources for the Millennium Development Goals, the work of making disciples and environmental sustainability are available.   Continue reading

Massachusetts speaks up early for MDGs

Ian Douglas testifies for MDGs funding

Ian Douglas testifies for MDGs funding

07/07/09:  With General Convention’s official start still a day away and legislative committee work barely underway, Massachusetts voices were heard early and often today among those advocating reinstated funding for the Millennium Development Goals—support for which seemed to be building on several fronts.  

Continue reading