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Familiar faces


Living simply, sharing the Gospel generously: A Day Three message from Bishop Cederholm

Bishop Bud Cederholm writes:

“When I arrived on Monday, I told our shuttle driver we were from Boston and members of the Manny Ramirez Fan Club (NOT).

“Many of you know I was not a fan of having this convention and know how I agonized over holding a convention this year given the economic recession and financial challenges and priorities each of us and the church face.  My wife, Ruth Ann, and I and our grandchildren had just returned from the best Family Camp ever at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center, where children and adults experienced the theme of “Simple Living” in the midst of God’s abundance and the stewardship of God’s creation.  I carry that experience with me here, praying our church will find new ways of being church and sharing the Gospel with generosity, making sacrifices and changing the way we do things so that more resources for the Millennium Development Goals, the work of making disciples and environmental sustainability are available.   Continue reading

All God’s people and mission urgency: A Day Two message from Bishop Shaw

Bishop M. Thomas Shaw, SSJE writes:  

Bishop Shaw briefs the media covering the General Convention on July 9.

Bishop Shaw briefs the media covering the General Convention on July 9.

“Today’s program theme at General Convention is ‘God’s People.’  Yesterday I experienced a hearing on B012, a piece of legislation that wants to include all of God’s people in the life of the church.  It’s about marriage equality and how the church is going to respond to marriage equality in six states.  I think it’s an important piece of legislation that will allow us to pastorally care for people.  It is also a tool for evangelism.  

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What we were really thinking…

The presiding bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, and House of Deputies president Bonnie Anderson gave opening speeches yesterday before Harvard’s Marshall Ganz got convention-goers going with a mission conversation using his “Public Narrative” model, and it got us thinking:  What’s going on with Gregory Straub’s jacket?

Ever-generous Massachusetts deputy Byron Rushing ventured this opinion:  “You really had to get close up to appreciate it.  The big screen projection didn’t do it justice.”

The Diocese of California’s Sean McConnell managed to get close enough to capture this shot of the revered General Convention secretary’s ensemble.

Massachusetts Diocesan Convention-goers are used to Secretary of Convention Leon Brathwaite’s perennial red sneakers; perhaps this sort of thing goes with the job.